Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Sin Bin 3/15/06

This is an episode of The Sin Bin that you definitely need to listen to. Luke DeLorenzo joined JJ and myself for the second time to discuss the ACHA National Tournament, his first season as an Icer, and take some phone calls as well. The second half of the show, as usual, was dedicated to the most recent goings on around the NHL including a very unusual story involving powdered sugar.

Note: Once again we had some trouble with the recording of the show and the last little bit of the powerplay was cut off. We promise to have this problem sorted out before we start recording shows for the third season.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Sin Bin 3/13/06

On this episode of The Sin Bin, JJ and I review the ACHA National Tournament and all the picks that we made before spring break. We also go back and look at the trades that went down around the NHL before the deadline passed. Tune in to see if any of the trades that we forecasted actually came to fruition. And don't forget about the powerplay.

Note: The episode picks up just as we're starting to talk about the ACHA Nationals. We're not sure why but the first few minutes of the show didn't record.